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BLOG Our Captains Logs, Published Somewhat Daily'ish.

Captain's Log 061217 By Captain Et Baier

Captain's Log for Monday, June 12  And now from the west end... What a lovely morning out west! The brief rainstorm left us with a beautiful rainbow to start the day. Divers debated their dive site options and opted for south of the pier and […]

Captain's Log 061217 By Captain John Gillette

Captains Log Monday June 12th, North shore.  A little sporty this morning on Long Reef for the AM dives. Divers checked out some interesting marine life this morning. While we get excited when we see Sharks, Turtles, Rays and Eels, some of the little things don't […]

Captain's Log 060917 By Captain John Gillette

Captains log, FRIDAY!! North shore.  It's fabulous Friday here on the north shore! Relatively calm seas and fabulous visibility on the walls and reef greeted the divers on the AM trip. All kinds of aquatic life were spotted this morning. Including one of my favorites. Those ballerinas of […]

Captain's Log060817 By Captain John Gillette

Captains Log, 8 June, Northshore.  Just another beautiful day on the walls and reefs.  Lots of cool critters spotted today during the morning dives. Spotted eels, turtles, nurse sharks, queen angelfish, smooth-nosed trunkfish, and even some secretary blennies poked their heads out to say hi.  […]

Captain's Log 5/26/17 West Shore Boat By Captain John Gillette

Captains log Westend, Scuba Dos...  Wait, What!? Scuba Dos is out west, really?  That's right, Scuba Dos, our west end boat is back where she belongs. Dos is running divers on the almost always flat calm waters on the West end, where we have wrecks, […]