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BLOG Our Captains Logs, published somewhat daily'ish.

Captains log, Reliance. 

So I typically comment about how amazing the conditions are on north shore... 
But today, WOW! 
We were diving on lake Caribbean. I mean flat calm seas, we're talking flatter than a mill pond. Viz through the roof! I mean divers thought they could see St Thomas underwater! 
Divers checked out an incredible myriad of marine life at salt river, and long reef. The highlights were the nurse sharks (sting rays with dorsal fins) and the always present Caribbean Reef Sharks (eatious continuous). Turtles, Rock beauties, Queen Trigger fish, banded coral shrimp and spotted drum also were present.

Captain's Log 040218 By Captain John Gillette

As Sheriff Bart says in Blazing Saddles "Ok, you caught me, speaking the plain truth is gettingMighty dull around here"  Yesterday I might have written some April foolishness while our divers were checking out Turquoise Bay, when I mentioned Manta Rays and Dolphins.  It turns […]

Captain's Log 040118 By Captain John Gillette

Not sure we would top last nights Full Moon night dive today. It's really hard to beat the incredible string of pearls bioluminescence, nurse sharks on the move, octopus out and about, and a nice hawksbill turtle.  But it seems I was wrong today. At Turquoise […]

Captain's Log 043018 By Captain John Gillette

We had some amazing diving the last couple of weeks on the north shore!  Manta Rays and Dolphins were the highlights. Turtles, Reef and Nurse sharks, Flying Gurnards, Octopus, and Squid also made for some incredible photo ops.  Did I mention the conditions?It's been Lake […]

Our Captain's Log Is Back!

After a several month hiatus we're back to posting daily Captain's Logs.

Captain's Log 080117 By Captain John Gillette

Well it's hard work but somebody has to take these divers out to see sharks, Green, and spotted morays, rock beauties, fairy basslets, cleaning goby's, secretary blennies, and on the way in, two Turtles kissing!   #stcroixscuba