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PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Course

We tell our students to shoot for the black belt in scuba diving – Master Scuba Diver.  We should do the same and become Master Scuba Diver Trainers (MSDT).

What You Learn

When you finish the IE you are ready to teach. You will teach the core courses in the system which are fun but may not include some of what you are really passionate about.

Getting together with your Course Director to learn specialties and pick up their experience and knowledge to make you better and have your students have even more fun is the way to go.

You will sit with your course director and go through the specialty instructor manual looking at standards, knowledge development, confined water if required, open water dives and marketing the course.

You will do an impromptu knowledge review session and then make the dives working through the performance requirements with other candidates.


What You Can Teach

The fun part here is that you pick the five PADI specialties that you are interested in teaching.  

Some of the specialties have prerequisites in order to teach them such as Enriched Air but it's really easy to pick up that specialty along the way.  

Many instructors working with Dive Centers will look to them for guidance as to which specialties to take which is great but remember to take some for yourself as well.  The more tools in your toolbox the more fun you will have and the more money you can make. 


Here at S.C.U.B.A, we intertwine the MSDT prep program throughout the IDC so duration is variable.  Remember we can do only 3 training dives in a day as a student.  Some of the specialties can be completed in a single dive while many require 2 dives.  


What Does It Cost?

PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer course costs St Croix SCUBA


  1. PADI Instructor
  2. Five PADI Specialty Instructor Ratings
  3. Certified 25 PADI Divers
    1. No more than five from courses without dives
    2. No more than five from PADI Seal Team or Master Seam Team registrations

Required Equipment for All PADI Professional Level Courses

Additional equipment is required for Specialty Instructor training based on what specialties you want to teach. Possible additions to your toolbox include:

  • Reel
  • Lights (2)
  • Tank light
  • Lift Bag
  • Pressure responsive items (deep – water bottle, etc)

Required Materials for MSDT prep programs

  • You will need the Specialty Instructor Manuals for each of those specialties you will teach
  • PADI Instructor Manual (Current)
  • PADI’s Guide to Teaching to Teaching (current)
  • Recreational Dive Planner – RDP Table and eRDPml, including instructions for Use booklets
  • Aquatic Cue Card for Advanced Open water Diver
  • The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving


  • PADI Specialty Diver manuals or eLearning

See the IDC component for all required equipment and materials