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Two category storms in 12 days? Wasn't the island trashed?

Yes, it was, but with a tremendous amount of work from volunteers and professionals we're open and ready for you. Thank you to:

  • 900+ power linemen who came in to restore the grid.
  • FEMA
  • SBA
  • Red Cross
  • And a LOT of others
  • Things are #STILLNICE


How did the dive shop and your dive boats do?


  • There was no damage to either of our dive boats.
  • There was no damage to the dive shop.
  • In fact, since the storm we have actually opened a second location on the west shore of the island. This was planned before the storms, we just accelerated things after them.
  • Both boats have been in full operation since a couple of weeks after the storm.


How is the island now really?

Quite good.

  • Power has been restored in all but the most remote places
  • Most hotels and restaurants are open and ready for you.
  • Several new restaurants have opened AFTER the storms.
  • Full airline service is back with several (AA and DL) adding additional service


How about the reefs and the beaches?

  • We've only seen a small amount of damage to the most shallow portions of the reef.  The vast majority of it was unaffected.
  • There was some erosion of beaches but most have already come back and are as beautiful as ever.


How can I help out?

Fortunately, we're well beyond the "chainsaws" and "generator" portions of our recovery. There are two things you can do though.

  • Come DIVING with us. The money you spend on the island having a blast with our world class scuba diving is the best recovery help we could possibly have.
  • When you get back home TELL EVERYONE you know what an awesome island St. Croix is and that it's......


Of course, you'd say everything's great but can we really believe you?

We definitely have a vested interest in convincing you that St. Croix is #STILLNICE, but not being honest about it wouldn't help anyone. St. Croix is STILL a wonderful island, with world class scuba diving.