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Captain's Log 072717 By Captain John Gillette

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 02 Aug, 2017

Reliance headed out for a night dive at Sugar Beach under a new moon hoping to see the bioluminescence show.
The divers were NOT disappointed! Once underwater, kneeling in the sand in complete darkness, the show began. Kristen described it as hundreds of White and bluish green pearls climbing upwards from the coral...it was ghostly and ethereal (it means delicate and other worldly, I had to ask what it meant)
Divers returned saying
"Most awesome night dive ever"
"It was like something out of Avatar or the Abyss"
"Over two thousand dives and I've never seen anything like that before, incredible"

Oh, did I mention the hard shell love the divers saw as two huge turtles where seen "making out" underwater?

While the conditions gotta be right, little or no moon is a big one and divers need to comfortable in complete darkness, having seen the show in person, I think it's a Bucket list Dive.

Give us a call, let's get wet, off the boat, at night, under the Milky Way.

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