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Captain's Log 415/17 By Captain John Gillette

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 17 Apr, 2017

Captains log, Reliance April 15th. 
Low clouds, a mild northeast breeze and calm seas met Reliance as we headed out to Salt river this morning. 

On west wall the divers found the conditions weren't very taxing, and enjoyed Sharks, Spotted drum, turtles, as well a green moray. We even deducted a pair of lion fish from the wall.

Our second dive was on the Cormorant dive site, Divers hit the water at 1040, and were greeted by a pair spotted majestic flap flaps (Eagle Rays). The sun was nice enough to show itself in time to light up the shallow reef giving the divers the opportunity to see sand divers, smooth nosed puffer fish, midnight, rainbow and blue parrotfishes. Juvenile Damselfish, banded coral and spotted cleaner shrimp were spotted in the shallows hiding in the hard corals. 

Back on board, cold beer in hand, divers swapped dive tales, where the Eels got longer, the Rays got bigger, the number of turtles doubled, and the sharks got closer.  

All an all, a great day on and under the water, we're looking forward to seeing you on board!



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