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Captain's Log 04/26/17 By Captain John Gillette

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 29 Apr, 2017

Captains log, Hump Day, April 26. 

The Southeast winds continued today setting up some good dive conditions on the north shore. 

Dives on Knobby Knoll and Long Reef gave divers a wide range of marine life, including Porcupine fish, schools of Creole Wrasse, Schoolmasters, and squirrelfish were seen. The highlight at Knobby Knoll was the three Queen Triggerfish, a Mutton Snapper, and a shark fighting over a dead lion fish.  

At Turquoise Bay, besides the usual celebrities, the harassment of Flat Top, the Reef shark, continued. Today it wasn't the Jacks, it was a 4 ft Barracuda chasing 3 ft Flat Top around. 

A great day under the water! 

Schedule your own seat for the excitement on Long Reef, let's get wet!

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