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Captain's Log 04/28/17 By Captain Et Baier

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 29 Apr, 2017

Captains log for Friday, April 28

April showers may bring may flowers but they also don't deter divers!  North shore on Friday morning started off just beautiful but became a bit more sporty as we neared our first dive site of Knobs and Knolls.  The good news is everyone enjoyed their dive and the highlights from our guests included "that was the biggest eel I have ever seen" to "what a beautiful nurse shark".  The most exciting comment was "that coral was so healthy and the most beautiful I have seen on this trip". 

Our afternoon dive was dedicated to guests discovering scuba diving.  We chose Blue Hole as the perfect site for a first dive.  After the first dive the enthusiasm for diving was infectious!  Next step certification!  

 Remember your first dive and how incredible it was to be part of the underwater word?  Come back and rediscover the amazement.

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