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Captain's Log 5/24/17 By Captain Matt Weicker

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 27 May, 2017

Northshore 5/24/17-

Another great day of diving with amazing things to see.

This morning we went out to Knobbs Knoll for the first dive and it was a great one. Sharks, lobsters and turtles all greeted our divers along with some special guests! Towards the end of the dive some dolphins showed up and played with the divers! The dolphins stayed with us for the rest of the dive and even plated with the boat as we made our way to the next dive at Turquoise bay. The divers had another great dive with countless turtles sharks eels and the dolphin family! The dolphins said hello to the divers again. It was a great morning of diving.

This afternoon we went out to turquoise bay for our first dive. There were some divers discovering scuba, some divers working on their open water course and some certified divers! It was a great dive with many turtles, sting rays, some sharks, lobsters and spotted drum! For the second dive we made our way to eagle ray! The divers saw sting rays spotted eels, big mutton snapper, peacock flounder and many other awesome animals. Our open water students finished their course and are now certified! Congrats!

It was a great day of diving and congrats to our newly certified divers.

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