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Captain's Log 061217 By Captain Et Baier

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 23 Jun, 2017

Captain's Log for Monday, June 12 

And now from the west end...

What a lovely morning out west! The brief rainstorm left us with a beautiful rainbow to start the day. Divers debated their dive site options and opted for south of the pier and landed at Alien Nation. Everyone was on the lookout for lion fish - including the few free swimming eels that joined them on the dive. Divers thoroughly enjoyed the juvenile fish they were finding at Alien Nation.

Second dive was a live drop at the very end of the Fredericksted pier - always a crowd pleaser. They were not disappointed! The group was able to dive the entire length of the pier and when they finally came up for air, one diver commented that it was her "favorite dive ever!" Come dive with us and experience your favorite dive ever! (Special sighting was a banded jaw fish...with eggs!)



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