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Captain's Log 062417 By Captain Ryan Banks

Diving EdBuckley COMMENTS 30 Jun, 2017

It was a pleasant day diving out West with the calm seas this morning.

Our dive sites were the Shallow Wrecks of Butler Bay and Spratt Hall

For the first dive site right away the divers spotted a Hawksbill turtle, the divers also saw numerous stingrays. One diver also located an octopus. She tried to call the other divers over but failed to get their attention. On the second site the divers again saw more stingrays at the cleaning station. Two of the divers saw a green moray eel swimming in the distance at the edge of visibility.
Not a bad day being on the surface as well.

After unloading the divers and gear on my way to put the boat away I was lucky enough to see two hawksbill turtles mating on the surface.

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